The educational standard for nurses is to have an ADN or a BSN, but many nursing positions require an advanced degree or other certifications. A typical RN works bedside with patients and their families, but a CNL degree allows for more advanced patient care and additional leaderships skills that improve overall patient outcomes and advance the career of an RN to leadership roles and RN positions in many different areas of patient care. The CNL Careers education page is meant to help nurses explore their online education options when it comes to advancing their practice.

Nurse pursuing education

Benefits of Online

  • An online education requires more written communication than traditional learning environments—from emails, papers, and posts—leading to better overall communication skills that are valued in the CNL field.
  • In some ways, online education requires more individual focus and motivation, but because both professors and other students rely on the same technology, getting in touch becomes much simpler than you might think.
  • An online degree shows that students are focused, self motivated, and goal oriented– skills that carry through to the careers they plan to pursue and skills that employers recognize.

Why Online is Better for Nurses

It’s no secret that nurses are really busy, which makes the flexibility and convenience of online perfect for fitting into the hustle. Online classes don’t have specific meeting times, so students don’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts or rushing to get to class.

Another benefit of online programs is that students can pick from programs across the country, making sure they’ve found the perfect program for them. Online education has many benefits, and nurses can take advantage of them with these great online CNL programs.