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We are dedicated to bringing you up-to-date content on everything you need to know, if you have an interest in this career path. From helping you figure out if it’s the right career choice to being a part of selecting an online program works best for you, CNL Careers strives to be the resource that you turn to first when you want to learn about anything related to Clinical Nurse Leaders.

Clinical Nurse Leaders are patient advocates that work with a specific cohort of patients. They also work alongside doctors, pharmacists, and other nurses to create the best possible treatment plan for their patients. CNLs combine the latest technology and their advanced knowledge of modern medicine to come up with a plan, which they then carry out with their team and evaluate patients’ progress. They make adjustments when necessary in order to help the patients heal in the best way possible.

Since it is a relatively new nursing specialty, there are opportunities at many health centers, including hospitals and emergency care centers. Not only that, but the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has embraced the idea of Clinical Nurse Leaders. They have promised to have a Clinical Nurse Leader at each of its facilities by 2016. These health centers are looking for structured, collaborative, innovative and research-oriented nurses to deliver the most efficient healthcare available. Those who look to become a CNL are nurturing individuals that are willing to lead a group of nurses to discover the best treatment plan for their patients.